The Power of Endorsements

While playing Loaded Questions with my family over the holidays, we came across the question, “What product could you be the spokesperson for?” As a marketing professional, I really liked that question and hearing my family’s various responses to it. All of us have a brand we can’t live without, a product or service we use habitually. I could endorse lots of brands – Starbucks, Dove, Apple, MediaMonde (naturally) – but Garmin comes to mind now. Here’s why …

My dad was a navigator in the Air Force and the Air National Guard, and since I’ve always been a natural with directions and map reading, I just figured I got that gene from him. But my husband and I recently received a Garmin as a gift, and now I’m not sure how I ever drove without it. Get in the car, type in an address and follow the turn-by-turn directions.

It’s so simple.

On our recent trip, while just outside of Des Moines in the middle of the night, the Garmin helped us find a gas station along I-80 in dense fog. The fog was so thick that we couldn’t see the bright lights of truck stops and couldn’t view exit signs until we were alongside them – and it was too late to exit. Plus, it was so dark out. It was enough of a challenge to stay focused on approaching taillights, let alone strain to read signs. We used the Garmin to pull up the name and phone number of a gas station ahead and called to make sure they were open, and then the Garmin got us there. Dense fog in an unfamiliar city may have challenged my innate sense of direction, but it was no match for Garmin.

A customer endorsement like this one can be a powerful marketing tool. I invite you to talk to me about incorporating compelling customer endorsements and case studies into your marketing campaigns.