Public Relations Principles

Theodore Levitt, the late father of global marketing, labeled public relations “the credible source,” pointing out that when the message is delivered by an objective third party, such as a journalist or broadcaster, the message is delivered more persuasively. Much of the news and information you see or read in the world’s media – broadcast, print and online – originates from businesses, organizations and public relations sources. If you’re not keeping the media informed of your company’s news, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to tap into the power of “the credible source.”

When it comes to public relations, I operate on the following fundamental principles …

  • Public relations is not an event. It is always a process, a planned effort to influence opinion.
  • It is both an art and a science. It requires creativity, communication and coordination.
  • There’s no magic in it. Successful campaigns are timely, relevant, factual and well-executed.

MediaMonde’s most successful public relations efforts begin with high-quality clients that offer high-quality products and services. It is atop this solid foundation that we can carefully build and flawlessly execute public relations campaigns that generate positive publicity and help you establish valuable long-term relationships with journalists, analysts and others who are capable of influencing your target audiences.