New Web Site

The look is new. The content is up-to-date. The navigation is a bit more intuitive. And the basis is quite simple. But the possibilities are endless. I have more old blog posts to add (mostly news items from the old site) and, of course, some fodder for new posts, too, but in the meantime, the new MediaMonde web site is officially open for business!

The old site was completely scrapped on Saturday, and less than 24 hours later, this brand new one was sitting in its place. (I love WordPress – it’s so easy to get up and running quickly – though it’s not for everyone.) Watch for the growth and evolution of this blog section, and feel free to chime in with a comment whenever it strikes you to do so.

As a side note, I realize the rotating photos at the top are not marketing-related – in fact, some aren’t even business-related – but they’re more interesting than the pencils that adorned the old web site for far too long. And they’re all mine, too. Some of them may even feature landmarks you recognize …?

Comments, criticisms and witticisms welcome!