Real Piano 4.0 for iOS Devices

I grew up playing the piano. I took lessons and learned to read sheet music. Ed and I replaced the old family piano years ago with a keyboard, and though I still enjoy playing, the kids now seem to spend more time at the keyboard than I do.

Luckily, there’s Real Piano, which provides a great fix for me.

I had the pleasure of helping Cookie Apps launch the last two versions of their Real Piano app, the latest being today’s release of 4.0, which includes the new Real Piano Remote app. Real Piano 4.0 is amazing! It’s loaded with features, it has the same great 88-key sliding keyboard and authentic grand piano sound as its predecessors, and the new remote control app is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You can sync two iOS devices – in my case, an iPad 3 running Real Piano 4.0 and an iPhone 5 running Real Piano Remote 1.0 – and use the remote to adjust the settings and view notations in real time. I highly recommend Real Piano to anyone who wants a great piano-playing experience on an iOS device.

Please read the press release to learn more.