Colbert’s New Marketing Plan

Author Alan Lakein is credited with saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I agree. It’s important to plan.

A good marketing plan enables us to remember where we’ve been and have a good grasp on where we’re going. It also serves as a forum for gaining a better understanding of customers’ needs, unearthing new creative ideas, and dissecting prior marketing campaigns so that we may improve upon them in the future.

I just finished updating Colbert Packaging’s marketing plan, and it’s glorious, all 122 pages of it. I can’t take full credit. I worked closely with Jennifer Gross, Colbert’s amazingly talented marketing manager, who created most of the charts and graphs included in the marketing plan. There are more than 100 of them, and they provide such incredible insight.

The latest version of Colbert’s marketing plan includes timely and relevant data about vertical markets, information we collected through internal and external surveys, the results of our marketing campaigns in recent years, an industry share of voice analysis, and so much more. This extensive market research and analysis section is followed by the marketing strategy section, which details target markets, industries targeted for growth, high-level branding and messaging, etc. And finally, we discuss a wide variety of our current marketing activities and plans for the future.

It truly is an invaluable resource and roadmap.