Who We Are

Sophisticated Work. Seamless Execution. Exceptional Service.

MediaMonde was founded in 2002 by Deborah Hamilton – veteran marketer, communications visionary, accomplished writer and unabashed stickler for details.

At the heart of our foundation is a commitment to delivering high-quality work, ensuring the calculated execution of all campaigns and raising the bar on customer service. We continue to offer the kind of personalized service that is so often lost in today’s fast-paced, tech-laden world. You won’t experience the bait and switch routine that happens in other firms. When you enlist our services, you’ll work directly with Deborah, whose passion for marketing is contagious.

MEDIA ~ Communication that reaches or influences people widely.
MONDE ~ The world; people; society. (It’s French.)

MediaMonde provides strategic and tactical services for all types of marketing, public relations and communications campaigns. Our experience and capabilities easily rival that of any larger agency, but because we are a boutique firm, we are able to offer our clients flexible, scalable solutions and personal service. We pledge ingenuity in developing and executing your marketing campaigns, and dedication to helping you succeed – without breaking the bank. It’s that simple.

We offer broad cross-industry experience, having worked with a diverse client base ranging from small startups to large global enterprises, and everything in between. Because our client roster has seen a high concentration of technology companies over the years, we have a keen ability to easily grasp technical concepts, ramp up quickly with new tech clients, and accurately describe complex products. We also have many years of packaging industry experience.

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